Gastronomic pleasure in the center of the city

Fish and meat dishes

at affordable prices

Ten years

we deliver meals to your front door


Every day from Monday to Friday we offer delicious variety of Light lunches (meat and fish). You can have lunch at Mezzanave from 10 am to 4 pm at a price of 40 to 55 kuna.


On our menu you will find a large selection of fish and meat with a rich selection of Croatian and foreign premium wines.

All our food is made from fresh ingredients, with a pinch of passion. Every day we prepare dishes for you that we believe you will enjoy to the last bite.


Cold platter for two – 87 kn 
(prosciutto, assorted cheese, olives, fritters)

Caesar salad – 49 kn
(chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon, Grana Padano, crutons, dressing) 

Tartar biftek 98 kn

Rump steak salad – 53 kn
(rump steak, lettuce, rucola, cherry tomato, parmesan, dressing)

Greek salad – 42 kn
(cucambers, peppers, tomato, onion, olives, feta cheese, origano) 

Caprese salad – 42 kn
(mozarella, tomato, pesto) 


Fritters with
Kaymak cream cheese – 48 kn

(fritters, kaymak)

Vege Rolls – 46 kn
(6 rolls, dip) 


Penne Carbonara – 59 kn
(penne, bacon, parmesan, cream, egg)

“Dirty Macaroni” – 69 kn
(beef, macaroni, parmesan)

Spaghetti Bolognese – 58 kn
(spaghetti, meat, pealed tomatos, parmesan)  

Gnocchi with beefsteak
and mushrooms – 76 kn
(gnocchi, beefsteak, mushrooms, cream, grana padano)

4 Cheeses Gnocchi – 55 kn
(gnocchi, cream, mozzarella, edamer, gorgonzola, parmezan)

Green risotto with salmon – 72 kn
(rice, salmon, swiss chard, wine, parmesan) 

Black risotto – 68 kn
(cuttlefish, rice, parmesan) 

Risotto with chicken
and cherry tomatos – 65 kn
(rice, chicken, cherry tomatoes, bacon, cream, grana padano) 


Lasagne 4 cheeses – 54 kn 
(cream, mozzarella, parmezan, edamer, gorgonzola) 

Lasagne Bolognese – 58 kn
(meat, pealed tomatoes, cheese) 

Vege lasagne – 52 kn
(julienne vegetables, cheese, cream) 


Wok with rump steak –  78 kn
(rice, rump steak, julienne vegetables)

Wok with vegetables –  53 kn
(rice, julienne vegetables)


Sea Bass fillet – 102 kn
swiss chard, potatoes and pea pureé

Salmon fillet – 115 kn
gnocchi with swiss chard, mediterranean salsa 


BBQ Beefsteak – 129 kn
– rice, sauteed vegetables, gorgonzola sauce with green pepper

BBQ ribs – 95 kn
(ribs with potato wedges and coleslaw salad)

Mixed meat Platter – 85 kn
(burger, chevaps, chicken drumstick and thigh, pork neck, tomato chutney, onion, french fries)

Chicken drumstick and thigh – 69 kn
(chicken drumstick and thigh, potato wedges, bbq sauce) 

Chicken wings – 60 kn
(bbq sauce, french fries)

Chicken fillet with vegetables – 54 kn
(chicken, julienne vegetables, potatoes) 

Chicken fillet in basil
and prosciutto sauce – 78 kn
(chicken fillet, prosciutto, cream, basil, potato wedges,  julienne vegetables) 

Chicken fillet
in smoked cheese sauce – 69 kn
(chicken fillet, smoked cheese, cream, mix vegetables,  potato wedges) 

Stuffed rolled turkey
with bacon – 94 kn

(turkey, mozzarella, bacon, ham, tagliatelle, mushroom sauce) 

Meat fritters – 79 kn
(beef, ham, onion, mozzarella, mix salad,  potato wedges)

Chevaps – 62 kn
(chevaps, onion, tomato chutney, french fries) 

Stuffed burger – 75 kn
(burger stuffed with ham and cheese, mix salad,  potato wedges) 

Rump steak
with aromatised pureé – 114 kn

(aged ramsteak, pureé with dijon sauce, cherry tomatoes) 

Rolled pork loin
with wok vegetables – 92 kn
(pork loin stuffed with ham and mozzarelom, demiglas sauce, mix salad, potato chips) 

Mixed Meat Platter – 185 kn
(chicken drumstick and thigh, wings, ribs, meat fritters,  potato wedges, coleslaw salad)

Mega Burger  – for four – 159 kn
(mega burger stuffed with onions and cheddar cheese, demiglas sauce, kaymak, french fries, focaccia bread) 


 Beef sandwich – 41 kn
(sliced beefsteak, grana padano, rucola, tomato, beef sauce)

Pulled pork sandwich – 38 kn
(slow cooked pork in mini ciabatta with hot sauce and coleslaw salad)

Pulled chicken sandwich – 36 kn
(slow cooked chicken in mini ciabatta with hot sauce and coleslaw salad)

Mezzanave burger – 49 kn
(beef, egg, bacon, cheese, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato, french fries) 

Gourmet burger – 49 kn
(beef stuffed with bacon, cheese, ham and onion, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce, french fries) 

Hamburger – 39 kn
(beef, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato, french fries)

Cheeseburger – 41 kn
(beef, cheese, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato, french fries)

Juicy burger – 48 kn
(beef, tomato, caramelized onion, sauce, lettuce, french fries) 

Fat boy burger – 49 kn
(stuffed beef patty with cheddar cheese, pickled cucumbers, lettuce, sauce, french fries) 

Chicken burger – 43 kn
(chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sauce, french fries)

Gyros – 43 kn
(chicken drumstick and thigh, cheese, cream, lettuce, tomato, french fries) 

Vege burger – 45 kn
(beens, chickpea and beetroot patty,  served with potato and beetroot wedges)

Chicken tortilla – 40 kn
(lettuce, tomato, crispy chicken, crispy bacon, crispy onion, cheese, sauce, fries)

Vegetable tortilla – 40 kn
(julienne vegetables, sauce, fries)

Burger in flatbread – 29 kn.

Burger in flatbread
with cheese – 31 kn

Chicken in flatbread – 31 kn

Chicken in flatbread with cheese – 33 kn

Prosciutto sandwich – 27 kn
(prosciutto, cheese, lettuce, tomato)

Ham sandwich – 22 kn
(ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato)

Chicago dog – 26 kn
(debrecin grill sausage, coleslaw salad, mustard, mayonnaise) 


Selection of cakes
from daily offer – 22 kn

Chocolate souffle – 28 kn 


 Margherita – 44 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, origano)
Funghi – 46 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, mushrooms, origano)
Romana – 48 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, ham, origano)
Mixed – 48 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, ham, mushrooms, origano)
White pizza – 50 kn
(sour cream, cheese, bacon, origano)
Capricciosa – 52 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, mushrooms, ham, salami, hot peppers, origano)
Diablo – 58 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, kulen (spicy sausage), peppers, peperoncini, origano)
Quatro Formaggi – 53 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), parmesan, gorgonzola, edamer, mozzarela, origano)
Vegetariana – 49 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, mushrooms, peppers, corn, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, origano)
Pizza Di Tono – 54 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, onions, tuna chunks, garlic, capers, olive oil)
Frutti Di Mare – 56 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, sea food, garlic, olive oil, origano)
Pizza with rucola – 57 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, rucola, parmesan, prosciutto, olive oil, origano)
Pizza Mozzarella – 58 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, mushrooms, mozzarella, fresh tomato, origano)
Pizza with kaymak – 62 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, ham, bacon, peppers, kaymak, origano)
Pizza Bolognese – 58 kn
(bolognese sauce, cheese, pelati (peeled tomatoes), origano)
Pizza Slavonian – 62 kn
(ham, cheese, spicy sausage, panceta, garlic, onion, pelati (peeled tomatoes), origano, olive oil)


Pizza Mezzanave – 58 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, ham,
gorgonzola, bacon, origano)
Pizza Royal – 66 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), cheese, ham, mushrooms, bacon, salama, egg, hot peppers, origano)
Pizza Tris – 58 kn
1/3 mozzarella, tomatoes, 1/3 pizza Mezzanave,
Pizza with chicken – 64 kn
(pelati (peeled tomatoes), chicken, zucchini, sour cream, cheese)
Pizza Pulled Pork   – 65 kn
(pulled pork, cheese, onion, pelati (peeled tomatoes), origano)


Calzone – 44 kn
(tomatoes, cheese, ham, mushrooms)
Panzerotti Di Tonno – 32 kn
(tomatoes, tuna, cheese, onions)
Panzerotti – 29 kn
(ketchup, cheese, ham)
Panzerotti with mushrooms – 33 kn
(ketchup, cheese, ham, mushrooms)
Panzerotti quattro formaggi – 36 kn
(ketchup, edamer, gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan)
Panzzerotti with sausage – 39 kn
(sausage, chutney, cheese)
Pizza Nutella – 29 kn
(Nutella, powdered sugar)
Pirozhki – two calzones – 50 kn
(tomatoes, cheese, ham, sour cream)
Pirozhki with mushrooms – 54 kn
– two calzones
(tomatoes, cheese, ham,
sour cream, mushrooms)
Pirozhki quattro formaggi – 53 kn
– two calzones
(tomatoes, edamer, gorgonzola,
mozzarella, parmesan, sour cream)


Atlant Centar
Ul. dr. Ante Starčevića 24,
20000 Dubrovnik


Tel: 020 610 119
Cell: 091 610 1119